ContinentZoo as part of TRIOl Group of Companies.

TRIOL GC was founded in 1994 and specializes at high-quality pet products manufacturing and sales. It has been actively working on creating new competitive products and provides a wide range of logistic services. TRIOL GC implies long-standing quality and unblemished reputation of a really strong market-player that is proved by the efficient work of the Group in its international activity: it has business relations with dozens of international companies in Germany, Italy, China, Vietnam, India, Czech Republic, Spain, Holland, Portugal, Thailand and France as well as signed contracts on exclusive agencies of the world-known brands like Brit (Czech Republic), Prodac, SICCE, IMAC (Italy), Gimborn, Sera (Germany), Aquatlantis (Portugal), Zolux (France), DGS and NerfDog (USA), Jebo, Repti-Zoo and AA-Aquariums (China). 

Today, TRIOL GC is a well-tuned tandem of cooperated professionals following the same idea – to add more bright emotions and health, to lavish attention and comfort to our pets’ life.

The Group involves two trading companies: ContinentZoo (selling the products by European and American manufacturers and its own Darsi and Molina brands) and AMMA (selling the products of its own TRIOLTM, CAT STEPTM and LAGUNATM brands made in Southeast Asia as well as Gamma brand).


The total area of storage facilities and office premises of GC makes 20,000 sq.m.

All the facilities and premises are company-owned, have all the modern and up-to-date equipment and work according to the bin location warehousing principles.

The company motor-vehicle pool includes about 20 cars and trucks of different carrying capacity. Competent logistics allows continuous supplies to all the regions of the Russian Federation.




 Branch network

In a long time, the Company has formed its own successful development strategy helping to move forward, offer competitive products and timely react to the new trends of the rapid changing market. The branch and distribution network development allows successful efficient working in all the regions of Russia expanding the sales geography and controlling the Company

brand representation and development at the local level. St.-Petersburg branch has been successfully functioning since 2008. New branches were opened in Kazan, Voronezh

and Krasnodar at the beginning of 2017. Aimed at the brand development and promotion in the

Republic of Belarus, TriolBel Company was launched.

The Company is planning to open 5 more branches in Russia by the end of 2017.


ContinentZoo Company

As an integral part of Triol GC, ContinentZoo is an independent organization using all the opportunities and resources of a well-tuned financial and legal structure. The Company brand portfolio includes 24 brands in all the basic pet product groups.

The product range is formed and updated in pursuance of the market demand and development prognosis.

Our slogan: We’re proud of what we are, always open for cooperation and ready to develop together with you!






Advantages of working with the Company:


Financially reliable structure with the high safety margin that is especially good in t he context of economic instability.


Distribution in all the regions of Russia including its own branches.


 High-quality storage and transportation logistics.


Complex development programs and marketing support at all the stages of the product lifecycle.


Product Portfolio



Customer Focus

The keen understanding of the customers’ needs is the vector that the Company selected for the most efficient woks in the pet product market. We try for both listen to and hear our partners, to speak the same language with them – the language of professionals.

Individual approach, personal program development with the view to the regional specifics and Partner’s structure aspects, promotional and information support – these are the tools that help the Company to works successfully with their customers and partners on the mutually beneficial basis.



Successful Company brands promotion is based on cooperation of all the Company divisions including sales and marketing departments. The last one involves over ten people including

brand-managers, advertising and marketing managers, analysts, content-managers, copywriters and designers. The department is constantly expanding and developing with the view to the high-priority tasks and current plans.

The basic Marketing Department functions include:

  • Market research;
  • Sales rise;
  • Company products positioning;
  • Assortment policy;
  • Wide range of trade-marketing events in B2B channel;
  • Company’s participation in the business exhibitions;
  • Brands popularization in B2C sector.

Dynamics of Development

The default knocked down the country in 1998: the Russian ruble got several times cheaper and lots of companies had to cut off or even stop supplies from Europe and Asia. To maintain

financial stability of the Company, a new development strategy was designed that was totally independent from the currency exchange rate and implied simultaneous work with the East

and the West, careful stock selection as well as price control and trade credits for the customers in cases of sudden ruble devaluation. The Company has been keeping to this strategy up to the present and that maintains its reliability and financial stability.

High financial rates, continuous sales growth and financial stability of ContinentZoo Company also results from the use of modern technologies and new opportunities.

2013The Russian pet product market remains one of the most dynamic and attractive. At the same time, this market has a lot of specific features; it is really complicated and underresearched.

Nowadays, there are a lot of modern and dynamic companies in Russia that function as the guides for foreign

manufacturers. ContinentZoo is one of these companies.


“We’ll always study under our western colleagues,” Ekaterina Leonova says, “but today we can teach a lot as well.

Anyway, we can teach how to work efficiently in the Russian market.”